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Quality Integrity Commitment - Henan Dongtai Gear Co., Ltd.
Time:2022-05-26 Pageviews:956

1. Description of the company's quality development

Our company is a production base focusing on the research and development of reducers and gears in the Central Plains. From research and development, production, inspection to finished product delivery, transportation and after-sales service, we strictly control the quality control, and always adhere to the concept of "quality is the lifeline of an enterprise". , safety above all else, the company management philosophy that is always responsible for customers. The company adheres to the production and operation policy of high quality and 100% safety.

2. Product quality certification

The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification.

3. The company's quality policy

Continuous improvement, excellence, honest service, customer satisfaction.

Fourth, the company's quality objectives

Parts inspection pass rate: 90%; finished product inspection pass rate: gear shafts: 90%; customer satisfaction: 90%.

Five, the company's quality and safety

In strict accordance with the requirements of GB/T-19001 quality management system, our company conducts comprehensive and whole-process quality control from product research and development, procurement, technology, production, equipment, inspection, and sales, and implements key product quality through key control processes. Control to ensure product quality.

Sixth, the company's after-sales system

The quality period of all products sold by the company is one year, and special products will be negotiated with customers separately, and after-sales service will be carried out according to the provisions of the product after-sales contract signed by the company and customers. The company stipulates that for all after-sales services, customers in the province will arrive at the scene within 24 hours, and customers outside the province will arrange for after-sales personnel to arrive at the scene as soon as possible within 48 hours.

Step into a new era and meet new challenges

Honors and achievements gradually settle in the years, we pay more attention to a better tomorrow, and we will spare no effort to face the future. In the era of great changes in the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, we will abide by the development concept of "employees share the same destiny, enterprises and users develop together, and enterprises and society have the same responsibilities", with the principle of "based on the enterprise, serving customers, and dedication. The management tenet of "Society, Achievement of the Future" will go hand in hand with new and old friends, new and old customers, support each other, and create a brilliant tomorrow!