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2023 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference
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2023 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference

In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, enhance the physical fitness of employees, carry forward the spirit of team work and enhance collective cohesion; On January 28th, 2024 Ruige Transmission Company and Dongtai Gear Company jointly held the annual meeting activities which mainly included three theme activities: Tug-of-war activity, Summary and commendation conference and Banquet.

Tug-of-war activities

The strength is so great that it seems to shake mountains and rivers and the rope flies in the hands.

The participating team members worked together and went all out, the comrades who watched the game were enthusiastic and cheering.

The members of each team are united and loving, high-spirited, tenacious, hardworking and go all out in shouts and cheers. All the members think and work in one mind and the rope carries the willing to work hard for victory.

Moment of honor

First prize

Second prize

Third prize

Participation prize

Strength seems to be able to shake the mountains and rivers, a rope twisted into a heart, firm footsteps, around the hissing shouts, tug of war is not only a game but also cooperation.

2023 has quietly passed through spring, summer, autumn and winter.We have ushered in this memorable moment, we gathered together to hold this internal recognition and summary conference, aiming at reviewing the past, looking forward to the future and adding new impetus to the company's sustainable development and team cohesion. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your hard work in the past year, it is your efforts and persistence that make our company continue to develop steadily and with high quality in the fierce market competition.

The conference has 5 agendas:

1.All the staff recited the company culture, management led the company song

Under the leadership of the management representatives, we will unite our strength with songs, sing our corporate song and share this corporate culture identity belonging to our colleagues.

2.Award Ceremony and Speeches of Winning Representatives

In the past period of time, individuals and teams stood out with excellent performance and outstanding contributions. The outstanding individuals and teams of Dongtai and Ruige are commended, every applause is a recognition of their hard work and every certificate of honor is an affirmation of their outstanding contributions.

Outstanding Employee

Outstanding Team Leader

Chairman's Nomination Award and General Manager's Nomination Award

Outstanding Team Award

These three teams in their respective fields by virtue of sincere cooperation, enterprising spirit to create remarkable achievements, fully embodies our company super than learn from to help and constantly break goals of team values.

KAT107 Project Award

The honorary award of 460,000 yuan is not only a material reward but also a high tribute to the hard work, wisdom and endless efforts of the winners. This is a heavy recognition and an inspiring force that inspires us to continue to move forward and make break throughs on the road ahead.

According to the "Notice on the Implementation Plan of the Second Vocational Skills Competition of Changguan", the events of the Second Vocational Skills Competition of our city were successfully completed. In this event Ruige Company won the "Excellent Organization Award" and individuals won the awards of "Forklift Driver Excellence Award", "CNC Lathe Worker" and other awards.

Forklift Driver Excellence Award

Third Prize for CNC Lathe Worker

Second Prize for CNC Lathe Worker

 Shi Guang is the second prize winner of the CNC Lathe Worker,he was approved by Changyuan Entrepreneurship and Employment Service Guidance Center and he was awarded the title of "Changyuan Technical Expert", he was awarded medals, certificates and henhas the chance to be recommended technical experts and model workers in provincial and municipal .

Behind each honor there is an extraordinary struggle and touching story. They have used their practical actions to explain responsibility, dedication and they have become an example for us to learn and catch up.

Speech on behalf of the outstanding staff award

3.Department representatives report on the work summary of 2023 and the 2024's plan

Speech by Dongtai factory director

Speech by the Sales Ministers

Speech by the Minister of Technology

Speech by the Minister of Production

Speech by the Minister of Quality

Speech by the General Manager

4.Chairman's speech

The Chairman's speech will affirm our efforts throughout the year and set new expectations and requirements for the future, as well as guiding our direction and boosting our morale.

Looking ahead we are facing new opportunities and challenges. Let's work hand in hand, overcome the difficulties together and meet the bright tomorrow of the company's development with more enthusiasm and firmer confidence!

5.Ceremony for the signing of the Performance Responsibility Letter

The representatives of some departments took the stage in turn to sign a performance responsibility letter with the chairman

Heads of departments with the chairman of the solemn reading of the performance pledge process, we will witness the power of this commitment, which is the recognition of past achievements and the challenge and commitment to future goals.

6.Potluck dinner

Let's take the glory and experience of 2023, carry new dreams and expectations and welcome 2024 together. We will continue to uphold the original intention, bravely undertake the mission and write a more wonderful chapter! The 2023 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference is coming to the end but our journey is endless. We will continue to deepen our communication and share the joy of success at the dinner, while also cheering and encouraging us to work together for the new year!

Step into a new era and meet new challenges

Honors and achievements gradually settle in the years, we pay more attention to a better tomorrow, and we will spare no effort to face the future. In the era of great changes in the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, we will abide by the development concept of "employees share the same destiny, enterprises and users develop together, and enterprises and society have the same responsibilities", with the principle of "based on the enterprise, serving customers, and dedication. The management tenet of "Society, Achievement of the Future" will go hand in hand with new and old friends, new and old customers, support each other, and create a brilliant tomorrow!